Wayfarers All is the 9th episode from the first season of The Wind in the Willows, adapted by Rosemary Anne Sisson and directed by Chris Taylor.

Summary Edit

Based on Chapter 9 of the original book, Rat is visited by a seafarer, who captivates him with stories of his travels and tricks him into taking a journey for south with him, on a ship ride to Constantinople. Mole needs Toad's help to catch him before he leaves the River Bank behind forever.

Characters Edit

  • Ratty
  • Mole
  • Toad
  • Badger (not featured in the episode)
  • Chief Weasel
  • Alfred
  • Otter
  • Portly
  • Fieldmice
  • The Seafarer

Songs Edit

  1. The Wind in the Willows (opening theme) - Ralph McTell
  2. Wayfarers All - The Seafarer, Chorus
  3. The Wind in the Willows (closing theme) - Ralph McTell, Chorus

Cast Edit

  • to be added

Crew Edit

  • to be added

Transcript Edit

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