Opening - The Wind in the Willows (theme music) Edit

Mole's Spring Cleaning Edit

The Riverbank Home of Ratty Edit

A Picnic/Noticing Badger and Greeting the Weasels Edit

Mole's Rowing Lessons/Duck's Ditty Edit

Mr. Toad of Toad Hall/A Finest Caravan Edit

On the Open Road/Camping at Night Edit

On the Open Road (reprise)/Toad's Motorcar Madness Edit

Lost in the Wild Wood/Finding Badger's Home Edit

"The Hour Has Struck" Edit

Straightening Out Toad Edit

Toad Escapes his Friends/Stealing a Motorcar Edit

Mole is Homesick Edit

Carol of the Fieldmice/Bad News About Toad Edit

Toad's Twenty-Year Sentence/Badger in Charge of Toad Hall Edit

The Jailer's Daughter/The Weasels Knock Out Badger Edit

Disguised As A Washer Woman/Train Chase/Mr. Toad (Song) Edit

"The Weasels Have Taken Toad Hall"/Secret Tunnel Plan Edit

When the Toad Came Home Edit

The Battle for Toad Hall/"Well Done, Toad!" Edit

Toad's Flying Machine Edit

Closing Credits - The Wind in the Willows (theme) Edit

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