The Seafarer was an antagonist and one off character in The Wind in The Willows

He was voiced by the late Jack May, who also voiced Igor in Count Duckula.


In the episode adaptation of "Wayfarers All" He first appeared near Mole End singing about his travels and finally visited Rat, telling him all about the world outside the river and invited him to go on a sea voyage with him to a place called Constantinople.

Rat then followed him without a second thought as if he was mesmorised by all that the seafarer said.

Otter who had seen Rat leave and had been told of his plans, informed Mole who then asked Toad for help. Driving in Toads motorcar, the two friends managed to catch up to Rat at the harbour where the ship was ready to leave with the seafarer waitng and urging him to come.

However Mole and Toad held onto Rat and refused to let him leave them and his life behind. Finally the ship set sail with the seafarer still on board, never to be seen again.

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