The Country Mouse & the City Mouse Adventures is an English-language animated TV series originating from France, Canada and the United States that aired on HBO from March 2, 1997 to October 28, 1998. The show follows the adventures of two cousin mice, Emily from the country and Alexander from the city, who go on adventures around the world in the early 20th century, usually to stop the evil rat No-Tail No-Goodnik.

Main characters Edit

Main article: List of characters in The Country Mouse and the City Mouse Adventures

Series overview Edit

Series One Edit

  1. The Mouse-tache Marauder
  2. The Case of the Disappearing Diamond
  3. Strauss Maus
  4. Those Amazing Mice in Their Flying Machines
  5. Frisco Rumble
  6. To Catch a Tiger by the Tail
  7. Mouse-o-taur
  8. Adventure on the Orient Express
  9. Swiss Chocolate Mouse
  10. Mice on Ice
  11. The Great Yeti Adventure
  12. A Mouse-vellous Treasure Hunt
  13. Imperial Mice on China
  14. Yen for Trouble
  15. Mousecovites
  16. Vaudeville Mice
  17. Outback Down Under (aka Down Under)
  18. Zeppelins Away!
  19. The Mystery of the Mouse Pharaoh's Tomb
  20. The Ghost of Castle MacKenzie
  21. No Mouse is an Island
  22. Diamond Safari
  23. Arabian Tales
  24. Klondike Mice
  25. All I want for Christmouse
  26. Matador Mice

Series Two Edit

  1. Bicycle Mice
  2. Ballet Mice
  3. Mouse in the Mayan Moon
  4. Meatball Mice
  5. Jungle Mice
  6. POSH Mice
  7. Marconi Mice
  8. Cinematic Mice
  9. Sherlock Mouse
  10. Solid Gold Mouse
  11. Panama Mouse
  12. Three Mice and You're Out
  13. Wild West Mice

Series Three Edit

  1. White House Mouse
  2. Houdini Mouse
  3. The Big Cheese
  4. World's Fair Mice
  5. Hong Kong Mice
  6. High Flying Hi-Jinks
  7. Siamese Mice
  8. New Zealand Mice
  9. When Irish Mice Are Smiling
  10. Teddy Bear Mice
  11. Olympic Mice
  12. North Pole Mice
  13. Trinidad Mousequerade

Production Edit

The Country Mouse and the City Mouse Adventures was originally produced as a 26-episode series costing US$9 million.Production partners Germany's Ravensburger; Reader's Digest in the United States; and CINAR (now Cookie Jar Group), who contributed US$6 million towards the original project's funding.

The show's main characters first appeared in the 1993 HBO special, The Country Mouse and the City Mouse: A Christmas Tale. It was loosely based on the classic fable by Aesop.

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