Noddy in Noddy's Toyland Adventures.

Noddy (voiced by the late Susan Sheridan in the UK,Catherine Disher in the US and currently voiced by David Kaye) is the main protagonist from Noddy's Toyland Adventures and Make Way for Noddy.

He is an imaginative young wooden boy who has a big imagination, has brown hair Noddy hat and blue eyes, Noddy's House, Noddy's Car and Noddy's Airplane Kit wears a long blue pointy hat with a gold bell on top, a red long-sleeved, polo shirt Father Christmas, Bert Monkey, Sammy Sailor, Mr. Milko, The Skittles, Mrs. Sally Skittle, Mr. Straw, Mrs, Straw, Mr. Noah and Mrs. Noah yellow neckerchief with red spots, blue denim shorts with a yellow belt and red shoes with blue laces. He has a red and yellow car which communicates by saying "Parp Parp", only Mr. Sparks can understand what the car is saying. He lives at House-For-One in Toyland, next door to Mr. Tubby Bear and Mrs. Tubby Bear. His best friends are Tessie Bear and Big Ears and his friends are Mr. Plod, Dinah Doll, Mr. Jumbo, Mr. Wobblyman, Mr. Sparks, Clockwork Mouse, Clockwork Clown and Mr. Train Driver. His main enemies are Gobbo and Sly the Goblins who tried to frame Noddy for his mischief making.

He also has trouble with Martha Monkey, (who sometimes teases and makes fun of him), Miss Pink Cat (who is proud and rude) and Master Tubby Bear (who is always causing mischief).

Noddy is a friendly and imaginative fellow but can be very naive and gullible which makes him an easy target for the Goblin's wicked schemes, but he comes out on top in the end. He can also be quite short tempered around Bumpy Dog. His occupation is being a taxi driver and he gives lifts to all of Toyland's residents for sixpence a  time. He gives his best friends Big Ears and Tessie Bear lifts for free. Voiced By Teresa Gallagher

Television seriesEdit

1970s Edit

In the 1970s version he was voiced by Richard Briers In this version Noddy's origins are more explained. In the very first episode - "Noddy Goes to Toyland" - Noddy doesn't actually have a name, or indeed, that blue hat with a bell on the end. He is encountered en route to Toytown - or more precisely - struck by his helper, Big Ears the friendly gnome on his bicycle after he encounters him in the middle of the Toytown road. The lad has run away from his Toymaker, as he explains:

"He made a lion. I don't like lions. They frighten me!"

Big Ears takes him under his wing and names him Noddy because he keeps nodding his head uncontrollably when he speaks. The blue hat is a present from Big Ears at the end of the first tale, when Noddy is granted permanent status in Toytown after saving a little girl from one of Noah's animals from a lion.

Noddy doesn't aquire his famous red and yellow car until the second episode.He's given the vehicle by Mr. Sparks (the garage owner in the 70's version) as a reward for catching Gobbo the Goblin and his gang when they carjack his garage.

Noddy's Toyland Adventures Edit

  1. Noddy Loses Sixpence
  2. Noddy and the Goblins
  3. Noddy and the Naughty Tail
  4. Noddy and the Pouring Rain
  5. Noddy and Martha Monkey
  6. Noddy and the Kite
  7. Noddy's New Friend
  8. Noddy and his Bell
  9. Noddy and the Milkman
  10. Noddy Gets a New Job
  11. Noddy and the Broken Bicycle
  12. Noddy and the Special Key
  13. Noddy Delivers Some Parcels
  14. Noddy and the Missing Hats
  15. Noddy and the Useful Rope
  16. Noddy Loses his Bell
  17. Noddy Cheers Up Big Ears
  18. Noddy Goes Shopping
  19. Noddy Borrows an Umbrella
  20. Noddy Meets some Silly Hens
  21. Noddy Lends a Hand
  22. Noddy Finds a Furry Tail
  23. Noddy Sets a Trap
  24. Noddy and the Magic Night
  25. Noddy to the Rescue
  26. Noddy Has a Bad Day
  27. Noddy and the Fishing Rod
  28. Noddy and the Warm Scarf
  29. Noddy the Champion
  30. Noddy and the Golden Tree
  31. Noddy and his Unhappy Car
  32. Noddy Has an Afternoon Off
  33. Noddy the Magician
  34. Noddy and His Money
  35. Noddy Borrows Some Trousers
  36. Noddy and his Alarm Clock
  37. Noddy Buys a Parasol
  38. Noddy Tastes Some Cakes
  39. Noddy the Dancer
  40. Noddy and Father Christmas
  41. Noddy and the Magic Watch
  42. Noddy and the Goblins
  43. Noddy and the Treasure Map
  44. Noddy and the Singing Bush
  45. Noddy Gets Caught in a Storm
  46. Noddy and the Noisy Drum
  47. Noddy Tidies Toyland
  48. Noddy and the Bouncing Ball
  49. Noddy is Far Too Busy
  50. Noddy Tells a Story
  51. Noddy and the Artists
  52. Noddy and the Nurse
  53. Noddy and the Driving Lesson

Make Way for Noddy Edit

  1. Too Many Noddies
  2. Noddy and the New Taxi
  3. Noddy & the Magic Bagpipes
  4. Noddy Has a Visitor
  5. Noddy's Perfect Gift
  6. Noddy's Lucky Day
  7. Policeman For a Day
  8. Bounce Alert in Toyland
  9. Tickled Pink
  10. Noddy's Pet Chicken
  11. Noddy Goes Shopping
  12. Hold Onto Your Hat Noddy
  13. Toy Town's Winning Team
  14. Noddy and the Bumper Monster
  15. The Magic Powder
  16. A Bike For Big Ears
  17. Noddy and the Voice of Plod
  18. Master Tubby's Opposite Day
  19. Don't Be Scared Noddy
  20. The Goblin's Stopwatch
  21. Mr. Sparks and the Broken Clock
  22. Noddy's On The Move
  23. The Flower Thief
  24. Noddy and the Treasure Map
  25. Mr. Plod & The Jail Bird
  26. A Grey Day In Toy Town
  27. Noddy's Car Trouble
  28. Bumpy Dog's Day
  29. The Out-Of-Control Tower
  30. The Magic Eraser
  31. Noddy & The Naughty Box
  32. Skittle In The Middle
  33. Googleberry Moon
  34. Noddy's Wake Up Call
  35. Miss Pink Cat's Country Adventure
  36. The Big Sneeze
  37. The Magic Rubber
  38. Dinah's Day Out
  39. Catch A Falling Star
  40. Driving Miss Pink Cat
  41. Noddy's Clothes On The Loose
  42. Fire Chief Dinah
  43. Goblin Good Deed Day
  44. Noddy - The Best Driver In The World
  45. The Great Goblin Giveaway
  46. Noddy The Rainbow Chaser
  47. Above It All
  48. Noddy & The Magic Sound Cup
  49. Mr. Plod's Little Problem
  50. Noddy & The Towering Flower
  51. The Great Goblin Switch
  52. The Case of the Missing Ball
  53. The Great Train Chase
  54. A Surprise For Tessie Bear
  55. Clockwork Mouse's Wish
  56. Master Tubby's Chocolate Dream
  57. What Strange Weather
  58. Forgive Me Not
  59. Bicycle Battle
  60. Lie Down, Mr. Wobblyman
  61. Noddy's Car Loses Its Voice
  62. Noddy Through The Looking Glass
  63. Mr. Plod In Jail
  64. Goblin Above
  65. Noddy & The Big Chicken Roundup
  66. Master Tubby Goblin
  67. Just Be Yourself Noddy
  68. The Goblins & The Invisible Paint
  69. Don't Be Late, Noddy
  70. Noddy & The Broken Dishes
  71. Noddy The Artist
  72. Noddy's Special Treat
  73. Noddy Builds A Rocketship
  74. Mr Plod, The Best Policeman
  75. No Nap For Noddy
  76. Big Ears For a Day
  77. Noddy Loses his Bell
  78. Up, Up and Away
  79. The Big Fib
  80. Noddy's Family Tree
  81. Master Tubby Goblin
  82. The Listening Game
  83. Noddy and the Curious Package
  84. Shelf Help
  85. Good Neighbour Noddy
  86. Noddy Needs Some Medicine
  87. Noddy and the Funny Pictures
  88. Noddy Gets Lost
  89. Master Tubby's Name Game
  90. The Goblins and the Invisible Paint
  91. Noddy Helps Out
  92. Noddy & The Lost Tool
  93. Noddy's Great Discovery
  94. Noddy Has a Difficult Day
  95. Don't Be Scared Noddy
  96. Goblins Good Deed Day
  97. Noddy Can Fix It
  98. Bumpy Dog's Visit
  99. The Toy Town Parade
  100. Noddy's House of Cards
  101. Martha Monkey's Banana Pie
  102. Noddy and the Skittles
  103. The Balancing Act
  104. Noddy and the Missing Muffins
  105. The Tell-Tale Bell

Movies Edit

  1. Noddy Saves Christmas
  2. Noddy and The Island Adventure
  3. Noddy and the Magical Moondust

Noddy, Toyland Detective Edit

  1. Noddy and the Case of the Broken Crystal Memory
  2. Noddy and the Case of the Amazing Eyebrows
  3. Noddy and the Case of the Hiding Pirates
  4. Noddy and the Case of the Missing Music Player
  5. Noddy and the Case of the Sleepy Toys
  6. Noddy and the Case of the Secret Delivers
  7. Noddy and the Case of the Little Lost Toy
  8. Noddy and the Case of Jumpy Revs
  9. Noddy and the Case of Deltoid and Clockwork Mouse's Strange Behaviors
  10. Noddy and the Case of the Slippery Stage
  11. Noddy and the Case of the Broken Toy Wash
  12. Noddy and the Case of the Dazzle Dragon
  13. Noddy and the Case of the Sticky Putty
  14. Noddy and the Case of the Toyland Accidents
  15. Noddy and the Case of the Blue Wall
  16. Noddy and the Case of the Fable Forest Gold
  17. Noddy and the Case of the Unhelpful Queen
  18. Noddy and the Case of the Mystery Artist
  19. Noddy and the Case of Bling's Hidden Present
  20. Noddy and the Case of the Big Brick Wall
  21. Noddy and the Case of the Snow Mystery
  22. Noddy and the Case of the Wonky Toys
  23. Noddy and the Case of the Tug of War Rope
  24. Noddy and the Case of the Runaway Animals
  25. Noddy and the Case of the Rules of the Game
  26. Noddy and the Case of Smartysaurus's Rainbow Experiment
  27. Noddy and the Case of the Lost Race
  28. Noddy and the Case of the Broken Xylophone Bridge
  29. Noddy and the Case of the Toyland Mischief Maker
  30. Noddy and the Case of the Popping Balloons
  31. Noddy and the Case of the Pink Lettuces
  32. Noddy and the Case of the Missing Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces
  33. Noddy and the Case of the Disappearing Rainbow
  34. Noddy and the Case of the Flying Toy
  35. Noddy and the Case of the Empty Swapsie Wagon
  36. Noddy and the Case of the Unhappy Unicorn
  37. Noddy and the Case of the Sticker Mystery
  38. Noddy and the Case of the Stolen Treasure
  39. Noddy and the Case of the Moving Train Tracks
  40. Noddy and the Case of the King Of Toyland
  41. Noddy and the Case of Bling's Hidden Present
  42. Noddy and the Case of the Upset Animals
  43. Noddy and the Case of the Fly Away Balloons
  44. Noddy and the Case of the Missing Brick
  45. Noddy and the Case of the Missing Anchor
  46. Noddy and the Case of the Disappearing Traffic Cones
  47. Noddy and the Case of the Disappearing Specials Things
  48. Noddy and the Case of the Grey Coins
  49. Noddy and the Case of Bumpy's Burst Ball
  50. Noddy and the Case of the Missing Wings
  51. Noddy and the Case of the Unfunny Clown
  52. Noddy and the Case of the Raining Carrots


His origin story was somewhat similar to the origin of Pinocchio from The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi. Both Pinocchio and Noddy were carved by woodcarvers who worked in toy shops, Both were naked when they run away. However, Pinocchio went back to the workshop at night while Noddy went to Toyland to live there instead.