Mr Tubby BearEdit

Mr Tubby Bear is one of Noddy's next door neighbours. He is an orangey-brown Teddy Bear, he is very friendly and helps Noddy and others with manual jobs and decorating. In the 1975 version he was voiced by Richard Briers.

  1. Noddy and the Kite
  2. Noddy and his Bell
  3. Noddy and the Milkman
  4. Noddy and the Broken Bicycle
  5. Noddy Delivers Some Parcels
  6. Noddy Loses his Bell
  7. Noddy to the Rescue
  8. Noddy and his Alarm Clock
  9. Noddy the Dancer
  10. Noddy and the Treasure Map
  11. Noddy and the Noisy Drum
  12. Noddy and Father Christmas

In Noddy's Toyland Adventures, he was voiced by Jimmy Hibbert.

Mr Tubby Bear


Mr Tubby in the 90's.

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