Mr Jumbo is a big grey toy elephant. He can be quite clumsy, once he walked into Big Ears who was riding his bicycle. The bike was smashed to pieces and some of them became stuck to Jumbo. In Noddy's Toyland Adventures he is good friends with Noddy and all of the other Toytown residents. He has low confidence of himself but has respect for law and order. In the 1970's version, he is yellow with blue eyes, he also has an Indian accent. Unlike 90's Jumbo, the 70's Jumbo is a lot more stubborn and sometimes rude to Noddy.


Mr Jumbo in Noddy's Toyland Adventures.


Jumbo in the 70's version.

  1. Noddy and the Kite
  2. Noddy and his Bell
  3. Noddy and the Broken Bicycle
  4. Noddy and the Special Key
  5. Noddy and the Useful Rope
  6. Noddy Meets some Silly Hens
  7. Noddy and the Fishing Rod
  8. Noddy the Champion
  9. Noddy and the Golden Tree
  10. Noddy and His Unhappy Car
  11. Noddy the Magician
  12. Noddy and His Alarm Clock
  13. Noddy Tastes Some Cakes
  14. Noddy and Father Christmas

Make Way for Noddy

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In NTA, Jumbo's voiced by Jimmy Hibbert.

He was voiced by Richard Briers with an Indian accent in the 70's version.

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