Moomin is an anime television series produced by Telecable Benelux B.V., that is based on the Moomin novels and comic strips by the Finnish illustrator and author Tove Jansson and her brother Lars Jansson. The anime series premiered on TV Tokyo on April 12, 1990 and ended on October 3, 1991 with 78 episodes being made. Because of its huge success in Japan, the sequel series, entitled was made and first aired from October 10, 1991 to March 26, 1992, lasting 26 episodes. The sequel series has only been aired in certain countries outside Japan, where it is featured as the second season of Moomin, combining two series resulting in 104 episodes in total. Unlike the original series, the sequel series doesn't have any episodes based on Tove Jansson's books. However, part of its episodes are based on Lars Jansson's comic strips.

Characters Edit

Episode listEdit

Season 1 (Moomin)Edit

  1. The Moomin Valley in Spring
  2. The Magic Hat
  3. The Discovery of a Wrecked Ship
  4. The Moomins Discover the Island
  5. The Secrets of the Hattifatteners
  6. Tiny Guests
  7. The Suitcase
  8. The Hobgoblin's Magic
  9. An Invisible Friend
  10. The Invisible Child
  11. The Wings
  12. The Pirate
  13. The Last Dragon on Earth
  14. Our Neighbour is a Tough Teacher
  15. Snorkmaiden's Lost Memory
  16. A Close Encounter with Aliens
  17. A Change of Air
  18. The Wooden Crate
  19. Buried in a Jungle
  20. Moomin Saves the Tigers
  21. Snufkin Leaves Moomin Valley
  22. Moomin and Little My's Adventure
  23. Visitors in Winter
  24. Hurry Up Snufkin
  25. The Lighthouse / Moominpappa at Sea
  26. The Day the Lighthouse Lit Up / Moominpappa at Sea
  27. Aunt Jane
  28. The Floating Theatre / Moominsummer Madness
  29. The Lost Children / Moominsummer Madness
  30. Midsummer
  31. The Big Explosion
  32. The Golden Fish
  33. The Spirit in the Lamp
  34. The Kite
  35. The Witch
  36. Christmas Is Coming / Tales from Moominvalley
  37. The Midwinter Bonfire / Moominland Midwinter
  38. The Spell
  39. Things That Go Bang in the Night
  40. The Secret Fireworks
  41. Crooks in Moomin Valley
  42. The Solar Eclipse
  43. The Prima Donna
  44. The Birthday Present
  45. Moomin Builds a House
  46. Dame Elaine
  47. The Hot Spring
  48. The Bubbles
  49. The Giant Pumpkin
  50. The Imp
  51. Snorkmaiden Goes Psychic
  52. The Treasure Hunt
  53. The Water Nymph
  54. Mymble's Diamond
  55. Moominpappa's Second Youth
  56. The Secret Dish
  57. Motherly Love
  58. Artists in Moominvalley
  59. Witch-Walking
  60. The Terrible Little My
  61. Moomin's the Fortune-Teller
  62. Adventures of Moominpappa: Part 1 / The Exploits of Moominpappa
  63. Adventures of Moominpappa: Part 2 / The Exploits of Moominpappa
  64. Adventures of Moominpappa: Part 3 / The Exploits of Moominpappa
  65. The Fancy-Dress Ball
  66. The Vampire
  67. The Chair
  68. Moomin and the Birds
  69. The Phoenix
  70. Moomin's Big Fish
  71. The Slug-a-Bed Mushrooms
  72. Moomin and the Dolphin
  73. The Cave
  74. A Wonderful Present
  75. The Fabulous Emerald
  76. Painting a House
  77. The Great Race
  78. Going South

Season 2 (Delightful Moomin Family: Adventure Diary)Edit

  1. The Ring on a Finger
  2. The Girl With Birds
  3. A Wind of Freedom
  4. Mr Caramel
  5. A Real Gold Mine
  6. Sand Sculptures
  7. The Beach
  8. A Bothersome Nephew
  9. The Time Travel Machine
  10. The Circle of Secrets
  11. The Dragon
  12. The Desert
  13. Queen Cleothystra
  14. The Treasure Map
  15. A Sniff at Everything
  16. Funny Disguises
  17. Moomin in Cowboy Country
  18. Moominson Crusoe
  19. Hidden love of Pretty Mee
  20. Tears of the Dragon
  21. Chouca Lisa
  22. The Night of the Red Moon
  23. Return to childhood
  24. The Birthday Surprise
  25. The Moomins and the Fake Yeti
  26. The Starry Voyage

The Movie: Edit

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