Pink Cat in the 90's.


Pink Cat in the 70's.

Miss Pink Cat is a French fluffy toy cat who is a character in Noddy's Toyland Adventures. She is voiced by Susan Sheridan in Noddy's Toyland Adventures and Richard Briers in the 1970's version.


She is a bit snobbish, vain and very rude which doesn't make her very popular with the other people in Toyland. But she occasionally realizes how nobody likes her attitude and tries to make things right.

  1. Noddy Loses Sixpence
  2. Noddy and the Milkman
  3. Noddy and the Special Key
  4. Noddy Delivers Some Parcels
  5. Noddy Loses his Bell
  6. Noddy Borrows an Umbrella
  7. Noddy Sets a Trap
  8. Noddy Has a Bad Day
  9. Noddy and the Fishing Rod
  10. Noddy and his Unhappy Car
  11. Noddy Has an Afternoon Off
  12. Noddy Borrows Some Trousers
  13. Noddy Buys a Parasol
  14. Noddy Tastes Some Cakes
  15. Noddy the Dancer
  16. Noddy and Father Christmas
  17. Noddy and the Goblins

Make Way for Noddy

  1. The Goblin's Stopwatch
  2. Miss Pink Cat's Country Adventure
  3. A Surprise for Tessie Bear
  4. Noddy Saves Christmas

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