Make Way for Noddy is a United Kingdom-United States musical Computer generated imagery-animated series for children, produced by Chorion (company) United Kingdom in conjunction with SD Entertainment in the United States. Based on Enid Blyton's Noddy character, it originally aired in 12-minute segments as part of the Milkshake programme on Britain's Five, from September 2, 2002 to June 16, 2007. It was repeated until early 2016.

In 2005, the American version of the series was launched in the United States on PBS in a half-hour version. This version was a longer format; it combined two of the 12-minute segments with new material. Along with the story episodes featuring Noddy and his friends, the PBS format included 2 interstitial programs, a music video and footage of British television presenter Naomi Wilkinson from Milkshake! The Say it with Noddy interstitials featured Noddy learning various foreign-language words from a robot named Whizz (voiced by Matt Hill). Although most of the Noddy characters had been re-dubbed to remove their English accents, Naomi spoke with a strong English accent and used British English words and phrases in conversation. It features songs with music by Mark Sayer-Wade and lyrics by Judy Rothman.

Main charactersEdit


Series One Edit

  1. Too Many Noddies
  2. Noddy and the New Taxi
  3. Noddy & the Magic Bagpipes
  4. Noddy Has a Visitor
  5. Noddy's Perfect Gift
  6. Noddy's Lucky Day
  7. Policeman For a Day
  8. Bounce Alert in Toyland
  9. Tickled Pink
  10. Noddy's Pet Chicken
  11. Noddy Goes Shopping
  12. Hold Onto Your Hat Noddy
  13. Toy Town's Winning Team
  14. Noddy and the Bumper Monster
  15. The Magic Powder
  16. A Bike For Big Ears
  17. Noddy and the Voice of Plod
  18. Master Tubby's Opposite Day
  19. Don't Be Scared Noddy
  20. The Goblin's Stopwatch
  21. Mr. Sparks and the Broken Clock

Series Two Edit

  1. Noddy's On The Move
  2. The Flower Thief
  3. Noddy and the Treasure Map
  4. Mr. Plod & The Jail Bird
  5. A Grey Day In Toy Town
  6. Noddy's Car Trouble
  7. Bumpy Dog's Day
  8. The Out-Of-Control Tower
  9. Noddy & The Naughty Box
  10. Skittle In The Middle
  11. Googleberry Moon
  12. Noddy's Wake Up Call
  13. Miss Pink Cat's Country Adventure
  14. The Big Sneeze
  15. The Magic Rubber
  16. Dinah's Day Out
  17. Catch A Falling Star
  18. Driving Miss Pink Cat
  19. Noddy's Clothes On The Loose
  20. Fire Chief Dinah
  21. Goblins Good Deed Day
  22. Noddy - The Best Driver In The World
  23. The Great Goblin Giveaway
  24. Noddy The Rainbow Chaser
  25. Above It All
  26. Noddy & The Magic Sound Cup
  27. Mr. Plod's Little Problem
  28. Noddy & The Towering Flower
  29. The Great Goblin Switch
  30. The Case of the Missing Ball
  31. The Great Train Chase
  32. A Surprise For Tessie Bear
  33. Clockwork Mouse's Wish
  34. Master Tubby's Chocolate Dream
  35. What Strange Weather
  36. Forgive Me Not
  37. Bicycle Battle
  38. Lie Down, Mr. Wobblyman
  39. Noddy's Car Loses Its Voice
  40. Noddy Through The Looking Glass
  41. Mr. Plod In Jail
  42. Goblins Above
  43. Noddy & The Big Chicken Roundup
  44. Master Tubby Goblin
  45. Just Be Yourself Noddy
  46. The Goblins & The Invisible Paint
  47. Don't Be Late, Noddy
  48. Noddy & The Broken Dishes
  49. Noddy The Artist
  50. Noddy's Special Treat
  51. Noddy Builds A Rocketship
  52. Mr. Plod, The Best Policeman
  53. No Nap For Noddy
  54. Big Ears For a Day
  55. Noddy Loses his Bell
  56. Up, Up and Away
  57. The Big Fib
  58. Noddy's Family Tree
  59. The Listening Game
  60. Noddy and the Curious Package
  61. Shelf Help
  62. Good Neighbour Noddy
  63. Noddy Needs Some Medicine
  64. Noddy and the Funny Pictures
  65. Noddy Gets Lost
  66. Master Tubby's Name Game
  67. Noddy Helps Out
  68. Noddy & The Lost Tool
  69. Noddy's Great Discovery
  70. Noddy Has a Difficult Day
  71. Noddy Can Fix It
  72. Bumpy Dog's Visit
  73. The Toy Town Parade
  74. Noddy's House of Cards
  75. Martha Monkey's Banana Pie
  76. Noddy and the Skittles
  77. The Balancing Act
  78. Noddy and the Missing Muffins
  79. The Tell-Tale Bell

The MovieEdit

  1. Noddy Saves Christmas
  2. Noddy and the Island Adventure
  3. Noddy and the Magical Moondust