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Logo: On a shady green background, we see a selection of multicolored shapes including a star, triangle and beak scattered around the screen. As soon as we open in, the shapes start to move away, spinning round as they go. After a few turns, the shapes come more together and the logo starts to take shape, then we see the shapes turning one last time to form the completed logo of a white eagle with red eyes and a star on its right side flying in front of a now blue triangle. Then words "First Independent" quickly fade in below

Music/Sounds: Begins with a synth sound, kind of like hearing water running below we lead out to majestic rock guitar theme and two drumbeats. The water-like synth sound returns with at the end with long synthesized notes

Availability: It is probably more likely to be on things including Tom & Jerry: The Movie, The Famous Five, Budgie The Little Helicopter, Tom & Jerry Kids & The Wombles 

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