Clockwork Mouse is a cheeky little grey mouse with red and white shorts. He has a key in his back which when wound up can make him dance. He can be quite rude and cheeky and is often tricked by Sly and Gobbo into helping them with the evil schemes. Clockwork Mouse rarely appears in the 1970's version and hardly talks. He has a much greater presence in Noddy's Toyland Adventures. He was voiced with a cockney accent by Susan Sheridan and is currently voiced by Chris Phillips and his design is different in Noddy Toyland Detective in it He is a small brown cream and green mouse with 2 wheels.


Clockwork Mouse.

  1. Noddy Loses Sixpence
  2. Noddy and the Naughty Tail
  3. Noddy and the Pouring Rain
  4. Noddy and Martha Monkey
  5. Noddy and his Bell
  6. Noddy and the Special Key
  7. Noddy and the Missing Hats
  8. Noddy Meets some Silly Hens
  9. Noddy to the Rescue
  10. Noddy the Champion
  11. Noddy and his Unhappy Car
  12. Noddy Has an Afternoon Off
  13. Noddy and Father Christmas
  14. Noddy and the Goblins (S4)
  15. Noddy and the Singing Bush
  16. Noddy Tidies Toyland
  17. Noddy and the Driving Lesson

Make Way for Noddy

  1. Clockwork Mouse's Wish
  2. The Balancing Act
  3. Noddy Saves Christmas

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