The characters in the film and television series of The Wind In The Willows:

Other The Wind in the Willows Characters:Edit

.Billy Rabbit -  (voiced by David Jason)   


Billy Rabbit

Billy is a young rabbit who lives in the Wild Wood. He has great respect of Badger, Mole and Ratty. He still goes to school, but does a paper round in his spare time.  Billy is sometimes a victim of the weasels' bullying but Badger is always around to save the day. Toad sometimes ropes in Billy and the fieldmice to help him with his latest fads and "hairbrained" ideas. Billy's first appearance is in the "The Grand Annual Show", and he features regularly in the series afterwards.

.Otter  - (voiced by Brian Southwood)                                                            


Otter is a close friend of Ratty, Mole, Badger and Toad. He lives on the river, near to Ratty. He has a young son called Portly. He dotes on his son and helps him to swim and fish.  Once, Portly went missing and Otter was at his wit's end. Mole and Ratty found Portly on the island by the statue of Pan (God of the animals) safe and sound. Otter also gets invited to the friends' birthday parties and all of Toad's  events.

. Portly - (voiced by Brian Southwood)      


Portly is Otter's young and only son. All of the riverbankers and wild wooders have a fondness of the lad and invite him in their homes for a glass of ginger beer. Once he went missing while there was an Otter hunt on around the riverbank. Everyone went to look for Portly, Badger thought the worse and Otter was distraught. Luckliy, Mole and Rat found Portly on the island by the Pan statue. Portly rarely makes an appearance. The  few episodes where he has a speaking role are Wayfarer's All, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn and School Days.


Mrs Carrington Moss

. Mrs Carrington Moss  - (voiced by Beryl Reid in the film and Daphne Oxenford in series)

Mrs C-M is the local magistrate. In the film, she sentenced Toad to twenty years inprisonment for stealing Reggie and Rosemary's car, reckless driving and cheeking the police, plus another year for being green (which was very unfair). In the TV Show, she only appears in the first series, including flashbacks from the film in the first episode, "The Further Adventures of Toad". She also appears in "Buried Treasure", "The Grand Annual Show" and "Burglary at Toad Hall". For unknown reasons whenever she re-encounters Toad, she never has him arrested. Either she doesn't recognise him or because she is good friends with Badger and Badger knows that sometimes Toad is not responsible for his actions, she has let him "off the hook". Mrs Carrington Moss is mentioned later in " A Tale of Two Toads" and "Oarsman Toad" but doesn't appear.

. Reggie (voiced by Jonathon Cecil in the film and Brian Trueman in the series.)



Reggie is the owner of the stolen motor car in the film. He is also the driver that causes Toad's caravan to crash on the Open Road. Reggie is very posh but also a bit dim-witted. He has a great affection of his wife Rosemary but he struggles to pronounce his "R's". For example, he calls Toad, "a fwog" and his wife "Wosemary". Reggie and Rosemary also appear with Mrs Carrington Moss in "The Grand Annual Show" and "Burglary at Toad Hall". They also seem to have no recollection of the incidents that happened in the film.



. Rosemary   (voiced by Una Stubbs in the film and Delia Corrie in the series)

Rosemary is the wife of Reggie. She is wherever Reggie is and appears in "The Grand Annual Show" and "Burglary at Toad Hall". The only lines she ever says is "Oh, Reggie!".

. Isambard Bearbone Toad. (voiced by Jimmy Hibbert)


Isambard Bearbone Toad.

Isambard is an evil actor, impersonator and con artist who only appears in the feature length special, (A Tale of Two Toads). He meets the Chief Weasel at a horse race track and cons him into buying a gold watch that's actually made of brass. The Chief notices how similar looking Isambard is to Toad and they come up with a plan to kidnap the real Toad and live at Toad Hall, with Isambard pretending to be Toad and the real Toad imprisoned in his own cellar. "Toad"'s friends soon notice Toad's unnatural behaviour and help the real Toad escape and foil Isambard and the weasels.


The Jailor's Daughter

. The Jailor's Daughter - (voiced by Una Stubbs) 

The Jailor's Daughter is a kind girl who helps Toad escape from prison in the film. She gives him her washerwoman aunt's clothes, so he can pretend to be her and walk away from the jail free! She never appears in the series apart from flashbacks in the first episode. But Toad gives her a gold watch as a thank you for all her help and kindness.

. The Policeman (voiced by Brian Trueman?)  

The Policeman

The local policeman appears in the film and briefly in "Mercury of the Motorbicycle". He is hailed by Reggie when Toad steals his car. While the policeman is taking the details in his notepad. Toad drives by quickly causing the policeman to jump and fall over. Toad laughs and calls him "Fatface!". The policeman takes great offence. In "Mercury of the Motorbicycle", when the henchman weasel is riding Toad's stolen motorbike at night, he drives past "The Red Lion" pub, where the policeman is having a drink. The weasel knocks his bike over which is outside the pub. The policeman reacts angrily and blows his whistle.

. The Fieldmice - (voiced by Various)


The Fieldmice

The fieldmice are a group of shrews and mice who live near the river. They are all children, possibly orphans. The first appear in the film, when they see Toad crash his red car into a tree when it's snowing. They then later sing carols to Mole and Ratty at Mole End. The appear frequently in the series. In "The Great Steamer", Ratty and Mole rescue a mouse called Billy from being swept over the weir. In "The Open Road Again", a combined harvester has destroyed  their homes, so Toad gives them his old caravan to live in once they've restored it. In "The Lost River", the railway company causes the river to flood the fieldmices' caravan home with their building work, so Toad reluctantly lets them stay at Toad Hall, until the river is back to where it should be.

.The Engine Driver (voice by Edward Kesley in the film and Brian Trueman in "Mayday").


The Engine Driver

The Engine Driver gives Toad a lift on his train, when Toad escapes from prison. The driver thinks Toad is a washerwoman needing to get back home to her kids. When Toad confesses to the engine driver when the police are following them, he still helps Toad to escape by pushing him into some bushes when they just pass a tunnel. He also appears in Mayday as the owner of the "Test Your Strength" stall. Whether it's supposed to be the same man is unknown, but it is the same model that's used.

.Alfred the Horse  - (voiced by Allan Bardsley)


Alfred the horse

Alfred is a stubborn white/grey horse who lives in the stables at Toad Hall, although sometimes he works for the local farmer. In the film, he pulls Toad's caravan (reluctantly) on the Open Road. He only appears in three episodes of the series, "The Open Road Again", where he helps Toad, Mole, Rat and the fieldmice get the caravan out of the ditch where it crashed. Then he appears much later in "The Tournament", when Toad wants him to be his  charger for a medieval jousting tournament, but Alfred won't participate as he doesn't want to show off in public. He then finally appears in "Mr Toad of the Times", when Toad want's him to contribute to his new newspaper. Alfred naturally will not.