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Bumpy is a small playful dog with grey fur and yellow eyes. He lives with Tessie Bear. Bumpy was found in the market square by Noddy and Tessie with an injured paw. Sammy Sailor had knocked into Bumpy with his bicycle and was very nasty to the dog telling him it was his fault he'd crashed. Noddy took pity on Bumpy and took him to stay at his house, but Bumpy was too playful for the small house, so Noddy told him to stay outside. Next day, Noddy's money he had saved up, had been stolen during the night. Noddy and Tessie took Bumpy for a ride and Bumpy noticed Noddy's missing piggy bank by the old oak tree when they were passing the dark wood. Bumpy retrieved Noddy's money and caught the thief (Gobbo, who was arrested by Mr Plod). After that, Tessie told everyone she wanted Bumpy to live with her. Bumpy can be naughty and very playful but he always manages to help foil Gobbo and Sly.


Bumpy foiling Sly and Gobbo.


Noddy with Bumpy Dog

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