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Big Ears is a character from Noddy series books by Enid Blyton.  He describes his ears as too big, and his stripped trousers with the cap which was "either too pointy or not pointy enough".[2] He is the only non toy in Toyland and Noddy's best friend. He lives in a giant toadstool just outside the Dark Wood. He has a white beard, red pointy cap, blue jacket, red-and-white striped jumper and yellow-and-green trousers.[1] He first meets Noddy when he's riding his bicycle to visit Toyland. Noddy accidentally knocks Big Ears off his bike and tells him he's ran away from his toy-maker. Big Ears takes him under his wing, gives him and name and helps him move to Toyland. In the 1970's version, Big Ears is voiced by Richard Briers. In Noddy's Toyland Adventures he is voiced by Jimmy Hibbert. Big Ears has a great knowledge of magic and history and is the wisest resident of Toyland. Noddy always comes to Big Ears for advice. In the 90's version he appears in all episodes except Noddy Meets some Silly Hens and Noddy Lends a Hand.

Big Ears with Noddy in the 1970's version.


Big Ears in Noddy's Toyland Adventures

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