Around the World with Willy Fog as with every morning since he moved into Savile Row, Willy Fog awakens at 8:00 am and rings for his servant, only to remember that he fired him the previous day for his inability to follow Fog's precise schedule. He has already arranged an interview for a replacement – former circus performer Rigodon, who is even now rushing towards Fog's house to make his 11:00 am appointment. Rigodon is accompanied by his old circus colleague Tico, who hides within his travelling bag, and prompts him through the interview, which gets off to a bad start when Rigodon arrives four minutes late. Nonetheless, Rigodon is hired by Fog as his butler and soon departs for the Reform Club.

Cast Edit

Main characters Edit

Episode Edit

Series One Edit

  1. The Wager
  2. Bon Voyage
  3. The Mysterious Mademoiselle
  4. The Temple of Doom
  5. The Counterfeit
  6. Bombay Adventure
  7. The End of the Line
  8. The Deadly Jungle
  9. The Remarkable Rescue of Romy
  10. A Present for Parsi
  11. Guilty as Charged
  12. Shipwreck
  13. The Butler's Dilemma
  14. En Route for Yokohama
  15. Akita's Circus
  16. Hawaiian Party
  17. A Trip in a Balloon
  18. The Showdown
  19. Moment of Truth
  20. Warpaint in the West
  21. A Very Special Train
  22. Below Zero
  23. Destination Liverpool
  24. Fire Down Below
  25. Last Train to London
  26. What a Difference a Day Makes

Series Two Edit

  1. The Coded Message
  2. Off to Iceland
  3. A Silent Guide
  4. The Sleeping Volcano
  5. Romy in Danger
  6. Towards the Centre of the Earth
  7. Transfer's Revenge
  8. The Unexpected River
  9. Lost in Darkness
  10. The Underground Sea
  11. The Battle of the Monsters
  12. The Storm
  13. The Trip Back
  14. A Maritime Mystery
  15. Old Friends
  16. Ned Land, the Harpooner
  17. On the High Seas
  18. The Monster of the Depths
  19. The Mysterious Captain
  20. Prisoner on the Nautilus
  21. An Underwater Walk
  22. On Terra Firma
  23. The Pearl Divers
  24. At the South Pole
  25. Fighting with the Octopus
  26. Escape Plan

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